Ravie Lakshmanan is a master's graduate with a dual degree in Journalism and Computer Science from Columbia University, New York. He received his bachelor's in computer science from Amrita School of Engineering and has previously worked as a software programmer for Infosys Limited and investment bank Goldman Sachs. In his recent stint, he interned as a data journalist and reporter at Financial Planning covering FinTech, cryptocurrencies and wealth management. He is currently a software engineer developing news products for Scroll.in, and a research contributor at Metafact, a Delhi-based fact-check startup that employs a mix of NLP and AI-driven approaches to tackle fake news and disinformation.

His interest in journalism and technology inspired him to start his own blog in 2011 and he hopes to focus on investigative, data-driven reporting in the world of business, finance and technology. He is also interested in advancing public understanding of new emerging technologies, emphasising on algorithmic accountability and fairness in intelligent systems, and the broader intersection of technology, policy, security and user privacy.


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